'V' is for Vegetable

'V' is for Vegetables

Vilma's always gardening
With shovel, spade, and hoe.
Celery's the vegetable
That Vilma loves to grow.

The stalks grow tall and sturdy
Into a leafy bunch.
It's a special vegetable,
’Cause it's got lots of crunch.

Sometimes when there is no rain
The garden gets so dry
Her celery starts drooping—
Help Vilma find out why!

How does Vilma revive her wilted vegetables?

Celery, like all plants and other living things, is made up of cells.
When its cells lose water through evaporation, celery wilts. But,
when wilted celery is placed in water, the water moves up a long
series of tube-like cells inside the stalk. Then the water moves into
the rest of the cells. Once these cells are filled with water, the celery
will stand straight.