'W' is for Wax

'W' is for Wax

Wally had a secret thought
That he just had to tell.
Wendy sat four desks away—
He did not want to yell.

So Wally started thinking.
At first he had no clue
How he could send the message,
So Wendy would know, too.

How did our Wally do it
So no one else could see?
To send a secret message,
Some candle wax is key!

Why does Wally choose wax to write his
secret message?

All waxes contain fats or oils. Some wax is made from petroleum, which is a thick, dark oil from deep in the earth. Other waxes are made from animal fats or plant oils. Watercolor paint has water in it, and things that have water in them are not attracted to things that have oil in them. But, the paint does stick to the paper because it is attracted to the paper fibers.