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Beyond Ion Exchange: Advancing Wastewater Treatment in Metal Finishing

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The metal-finishing industry faces the ongoing challenge of managing wastewater effectively, especially when treating dissolved metals such as copper and hexavalent chromium. These metals pose significant environmental risks and introduce compliance and financial challenges. Traditional ion exchange and chemical precipitation methods exhibit limitations in selectively targeting specific metals and rely on hazardous chemical handling and secondary waste product treatment. Both methods have limited effectiveness with increased metal concentrations, competing ions' presence, and dissolved solids' overall concentration.

Join James Landon, Chief Technology Officer at ElectraMet, as he introduces an innovative solution to conventional dissolved metal approaches, employing an electrochemical process to efficiently remove or convert dissolved metals. Beyond treatment, both sustainability and operational optimization hinge on real-time data. Learn how online Process Analyzer Technology (PAT) can revolutionize wastewater management, offering precise, real-time monitoring and analysis.


James Landon, PhD

James Landon, PhD

Brett Lane

Field Applications Specialist, Process Wet Chemistry Metrohm USA


Ann Thayer

Contributing Editor, C&EN Media Group

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