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Changing the Culture of Chemistry: Career Planning and Mentorship

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An organization’s culture defines how it approaches problems in the workplace. Whether you’re the head of your own lab or a graduate student, workplace culture is something everyone can influence every time they go to work. That’s why ACS Publications is leading a series of webinars on the ways chemists can improve their lab’s culture and make their workplace increasingly diverse, safe, and sustainable.

This webinar in our Changing the Culture of Chemistry series is dedicated to discussing Career Planning and Mentorship.

Attendees will hear chemists speak about: Charting your career path Connecting with a mentor Transitioning into leadership This free one-hour program will end with a moderated discussion and an opportunity to ask questions of the panel.


  • Brandi M. Cossairt, Professor of Chemistry
  • Jennifer M. Heemstra, Professor of Chemistry
  • Robert J. Gilliard, Jr., Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Joerg Schlatterer, Senior Manager, ACS Student & Postdoctoral Scholars Office

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