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Empowering API Development with UQUIFA Group’s One-Stop Shop Approach Using Specialized Units for Each Phase

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Biological & Medicinal Chemistry

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Meet a prospective partner, focused on offering solutions for your fine chemistry challenges. Hear how this active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) & regulated starting materials (RSM) focused enterprise brings together its chemistry skills & proprietary expertise to meet development & manufacturing needs.

We are able to handle API development projects from the very early discovery phase throughout pre-clinical and clinical development to the commercial phase. Learn how we developed API production technology for early clinical trials at our Hungarian sites, then transferred the technology for the GMP validation campaign to our Spanish site to accommodate Phase 3 clinical and future commercial needs for a US biotech partner.


Maria Lloris, Ph.D.

R&D Manager, UQUIFA

Tamás Szabó Ph.D.

R&D Director, SONEAS Chemicals Ltd

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