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Essential Analytical Techniques for Food Powder Characterization: From R&D to Manufacturing

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A thorough knowledge of size, porosity, and surface area is important in characterizing food powders. Furthermore, predicting the flow behavior of food powders is important to ensure no unexpected issues are encountered during handling in industrial processing.This webinar will focus on technologies that enable powder size, surface area, porosity, and flow evaluation (via powder rheology). A good understanding of these powder parameters, along with the flowability of the powders, paves the way towards optimizing process conditions to achieve a quality final product.

Effects of both internal influences like particle shape, size, size distribution, density, as well as external influences like humidity, temperature, and degree of consolidation, will be highlighted for end product usage and flow behavior of food products through several case studies.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How intrinsic material attributes affect a sample’s processability
  • The impact of environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and consolidation on final product attributes
  • Essential tools and techniques for the characterization of food powders

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone working in Food Research & Development, or Food Science
  • Food Manufacturers, Quality Control/Assurance



Dr. Brian Rodenhausen

Advanced Technical Support Team Lead Scientist, Anton Paar


Dr. Abhishek Shetty

Advanced Technical Center Lead Scientist,


Kelly McSweeney

Contributing Editor, C&EN Media Group

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