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Grand Challenges in Measurement Science: Frontiers in Diagnostics Webinar

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Analytical Chemistry

"Advances in measurement science are allowing chemists to explore new applications for the vital tools they use in their work. New avenues are being opened up within the diagnostics space, with the potential to revolutionize measurement science. Already, advances in imaging and mass spectrometry are leading to new developments in the fields of blood flow diagnostics and disease diagnosis.

Should you consider incorporating these challenges into your work? How could you apply developing knowledge to help solve the problems we face? And can the way we share research results help accelerate this progress?

Join Professor Andrew deMello and Professor Perdita Barran to find out the answers to these questions, and discuss new approaches to grand challenges in measurement science."


  • Professor Andrew deMello, Professor of Biochemical Engineering in the Department of Chemistry & Applied Biosciences at ETH Zürich.
  • Professor Perdita Barran, Professor of Mass Spectrometry

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