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Innovation in Measurement Science | Revealing the Unknown: Current and Future Mass Spectrometry Technologies

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Analytical Chemistry

From the development of ESI and MALDI ionization methods over 30 years ago, mass spectrometry (MS) has been at the forefront of contributing to advancements and uncovering new knowledge in all areas of science. This symposium will highlight current and future cutting-edge MS technologies that offer advances in ionization methods and sampling, analyte separation (both liquid-phase and gas-phase), and mass measurement platforms, to make MS measurements of biological molecules more sensitive and selective than in the past, potentially impacting biology and human health research.


  • Livia Eberlin, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin; Adjunct Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Professor, Chair, University of Texas at Austin
  • John McLean, Professor, Vanderbilt University
  • Albert J. R. Heck, Professor, Utrecht University

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