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Live Cell Imaging Using Sub-Micron IR Spectroscopy

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Biological & Medicinal Chemistry
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Join Asst. Prof Caitlin Davis of Yale University to learn about recent research on a critical metabolic process in live cells – de novo lipogenesis, using a breakthrough new technology that enables IR spectroscopy and imaging at submicron spatial resolution on a wide range of samples including in water. The breakthrough technology that enables sub-micron IR spectroscopy is Optical Photothermal IR Spectroscopy (O-PTIR). Prof. Davis will discuss how she uses O-PTIR to probe metabolic heterogeneity in live cells with rapid sub-micron IR imaging.

In the opening part of this webinar, hear from Dr. Mustafa Kansiz (PSC), as he provides an introductory overview of O-PTIR and how it’s being used by scientists in a wide range of application areas including, life science, microplastics, pharmaceutical sub-visible particulates and contamination identification in industrial failure analysis.


Prof. Caitlin Davis

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Yale University

Dr. Mustafa Kansiz

Director of Product Management, Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp

ACS Institute

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