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Mastering UPW Quality with Real-Time Trace Ion Detection

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Ultrapure water (UPW) is crucial for the production of superior-quality semiconductors, but ensuring final product quality can be a challenge without the right tools. UPW undergoes extensive and costly purification, utilizing various physical and chemical treatments to meet increasingly rigorous purity standards. In the face of global water shortages, efficient UPW production is essential. Water recycling facilities at semiconductor plants are tasked with addressing this concern, regenerating wastewater back into UPW. However, the integrity of regenerated UPW must be verified to ensure final product quality. This is where online ion chromatography provides a novel advantage: detecting trace anions, cations, and silica contaminants in real-time down to parts-per-trillion levels.

Join us for a conversation with two industry experts: Ben Greenwood, Senior Manager at Micron Technology's Chemistry Lab, and Dariana Martinez, Product Application Specialist at Metrohm USA. Together, they will delve into the pressing water challenges currently faced by the semiconductor industry. Additionally, they will shed light on the pivotal role of ultrapure water and the significance of real-time ion chromatography to ensure quality control.


Ben Greenwood

Senior Manager, Micron Technology's Chemistry Lab

Dariana Martinez

Product Application Specialist, Metrohm USA

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