About ChemClub

What is the ACS ChemClub?

The ACS ChemClub is a high school chemistry club that provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. There are over 600 clubs across the United States and abroad where students participate in after-school activities, get involved in community building, learn about chemistry careers, enjoy social events, and better understand how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives.

Our students plan and enjoy a variety of chemistry-focused activities, including hearing invited speakers, performing demonstration for elementary school students, and helping to clean the environment through community projects!

How does ACS support your club?

ACS supports chartered clubs with fun and useful resources.

  • Each club receives a handbook of information and resources for starting a club and conducting club activities.
  • Themed resource packets are provided quarterly. We include experiments, demonstrations, tips, and suggestions for non-laboratory club activities.
  • The Directory lists clubs in your area to help you connect with others in the science community.
  • Bonus items are sent out during the year, at no cost for active, chartered clubs.

Advisory Board Members

The ChemClub Advisory board provides guidance to the ChemClub staff members on short- and long- term goals, as well as content, pedagogic quality, and sustainability of the ChemClub program. It assists the ChemClub staff in assuring the suitability of the program for high school chemistry teachers and students.

The ChemClub Advisory Board meets annually with the ChemClub staff to receive updates, review progress, and provide recommendations for the future direction of the program.

  • Cheryl Pierce (Chair)
    Lakeland High School, Lakeland, FL
  • Melanie Rock
    Springbrook High School, Silver Spring, MD
  • Cecilia Wisniewski
    Union ChemClub, Union, NJ
  • Desiree Wineland
    Veterans Vineyard & Winery, LLC, Cambridge, NE
  • Mitchell Thompson, III
    George Washington Carver High School of Engineering & Science, Philadelphia, PA
  • Michael Morgan
    Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles, CA
  • Erica Jacobsen (consultant)
    The Dalles, OR