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Recent Advances in Library Synthesis to Accelerate Medicinal Chemistry Research

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Biological & Medicinal Chemistry

Library synthesis is the process of synthesizing a series of compounds and evaluating them for hits that have desirable therapeutic properties toward a given target. This approach allows project teams to undertake efficient and systematic screening of biological pathways or target classes, improving the success rate of drug discovery programs. Pharma companies are increasingly developing and applying innovative capabilities to make better molecules faster. Many enabling chemistries and technologies have been developed to improve the access to target molecules with expanded chemical diversity.

The development of high-throughput experimentation technology has made it possible to execute a large number of experiments in a short time frame, enabling the rapid identification of suitable reaction conditions, thereby expanding library accessible chemical space and allowing more diverse molecules to be made via parallel synthesis. With such higher-quality molecules, chemists can increase the success rate and reduce cycle time of hit finding and lead optimization. Moreover, new protocols can be used to guide the follow up of singleton compound synthesis, improving the efficiency of medicinal chemistry research. Attend this webinar to learn more about these recent advances in parallel library synthesis.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Review the concept and application of parallel medicinal chemistry (PMC) library synthesis
  • Learn how PMC can provide more compounds with limited scaffolds, as a more focused approach to target molecules
  • Understand new protocols to guide the follow up of singleton compound synthesis to improve efficiency

Who Should Attend:

  • MedChem Project Managers and Directors
  • Medicinal Chemists
  • Outsourcing Managers


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Dr.Yan Xu

Executive Director, Head of Library Business, Research Chemistry Service, WuXi AppTec


Ann Thayer

Contributing Editor, C&EN Media Group

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