Date posted: Sep 8, 2023

Solvavtion Scholars Undergraduate Exchange

Cluster of Excellence RESOLV – Ruhr Explores Solvation | Bochum, Germany

Opportunity Type: Internships

Current Program: Bachelor's

Topics: Organic Chemistry, Materials, Biosciences, Computational Chemistry, Nanoscience, Physical Sciences, Inorganic Chemistry

Sector: Academia

Compensation: Paid

Remote Position: No

Opportunity Description:

Are you interested in completing a research project abroad in the interdisciplinary field of Solvation Science? The RESOLV Cluster of Excellence welcomes undergraduate exchange students for the summer of 2024!

The Cluster of Excellence RESOLV, founded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, offers undergraduate students an insight into cutting-edge research in the interdisciplinary field of Solvation Science. Hosted by the Ruhr-Univerität Bochum and TU Dortmund University, RESOLV researchers explore how solvent molecules are active participants in the control, mediation and regulation of chemical reactions. This exchange includes participation at a weeklong summer school and a 2-3 month lab internship with these experienced researchers of chemistry, physics, spectroscopy, biochemistry and more.

The exchange begins during the Whitsun holiday week with participation in the international Graduate School Solvation Science, iGSS, Summer School to gain insight into the latest techniques and disciplines that span Solvation Science. This includes lectures by renowned Solvation Scientists, career workshops with industry professionals, and an in-lab practicum to gain first-hand experiences. Meeting other young researches interested in different stages of their career offers the unique opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other.

The second part of the exchange is a two to three month long research project within one of RESOLV’s working groups. In close collaboration with experienced scientists, the student completes their own research project and concludes with all Solvation Scholars presenting their work. Possible topics may include bioinorganic, supramolecular, theoretical, molecular modelling / simulation, inorganic & organic chemistry, functional materials & bio-systems, and spectroscopies. Students can review the list of RESOLV participating scientists for more project ideas. As a first insight into the day-to-day work of a scientist, this can be the perfect introduction to academic life.

How to Apply?

Please follow details on the RESOLV homepage,, for the competitive application process and any changes. Interested students who have completed at least one full year of subject specific coursework (approximately 46 ETCS / 3rd Year Bachelors / 'Juniors') can send completed applications to resolv[@] from 15. October 2023 through 12. January 2024.

Please note, the application process is on a rolling basis, it is recommended to apply early.

Successful applicants will receive a monthly stipend during their stay and a fixed-rate reimbursement of travel expenses.

Program Dates:

2-3 months in Summer 2024, must include May 21 - 24th 2024


January 12, 2024

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