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Frequently Asked Questions for Organizations on the Get Experience Website

  • 1.  What kind of opportunities can be posted on the ACS Get Experience website?

    Organizations can post opportunities including, but not limited to, internships, research experiences (e.g. REUs), co-ops, part-time and full-time experiences, and other explorative opportunities in the chemical sciences.

  • 2.  Which type of organizations can post opportunities?

    Academic, non-profit, government or industrial organizations will be able to share paid or unpaid opportunities.

  • 3.  Who is the target audience for ACS Get Experience?

    Undergraduate students, graduate students (M.S. and Ph.D.), and postdoctoral researchers from all over the world can have access to ACS Get Experience to find relevant opportunities. If your organization has international locations, it might be beneficial to post those opportunities on Get Experience as well.

  • 4.  How will we know when a person applies for the position on the ACS Get Experience website?

    The ACS Get Experience website will only display the high-level overview of any opportunity and provide the link to the host’s portal where all applicants will submit their applications. Therefore, all applications will be registered in each organization’s application databases.

  • 5.  If there is an opportunity with multiple locations available, what is the best way to post those kinds of opportunities?

    If there is an opportunity that has more than one location available, please upload a new posting for each different location.

  • 6.  Is there any cost associated with utilizing the ACS Get Experience resource?

    No. There is no cost to utilize ACS Get Experience and post opportunities from your organization.

  • 7.  What is the process for posting opportunities?

    • The host organization must create an account on
    • The host organization will login into to the ACS Get Experience portal using their account login credentials and will start filling out the submission form to post an opportunity.
    • The host organization will submit the completed form for a new opportunity posting.
    • ACS will review the content and, if appropriate, will approve the posting
    • The opportunity is posted on
  • 8.  How long is an opportunity posted on

    • Each opportunity will be visible for one year after the initial date it was posted
    • Each host institution would have the opportunity to repurpose/repost a previous opportunity as appropriate.
  • 9.  Can organizations post jobs on

    No. is not a job portal. For posting jobs in the chemical sciences, visit