• In what time zone will the meeting be held?

    Mountain Time (MT)

  • When can I pick up my badge once onsite in Denver?

    Badge pickup will be available at the Colorado Convention Center, Hyatt Regency Denver, and Denver International Airport. Stay tuned for the date and time.

  • Will shuttle bus service be provided?

    Yes. A PDF campus map will be available in July.

  • Will childcare be available onsite in Denver?

    Yes, childcare will be offered onsite at ACS Fall 2024.

  • Can I see or search the whole program and do any scheduling?

    The full meeting program will be available online in May. There will be filtering capabilities to find programming by division, date, session type, symposia, and location to build your schedule.

  • Will there be an in-person or virtual Expo at ACS Fall 2024?

    There will be a variety of in-person experiences available for attendees. The virtual expo will not be available in Denver. Sponsor opportunities are available to groups and companies, additional information will be available. Exhibitors and sponsors can contact: or 202-590-0662 for questions or assistance.

  • How will questions be managed in an in-person session?

    For those attending the sessions in-person, there will be a microphone in each meeting room that they can step up to and ask their question verbally. Attendees should ask questions by raising their hands. The presider will then call upon attendees to ask their questions.


  • What’s included in my registration fee?

    As a registered attendee you’ll have access to a variety of meeting content including Keynote Events, Technical Program oral and poster sessions, Career Events, Presidential Events, Governance Activities, and the Expo. Virtual-only attendees may access all sessions designated as Hybrid or Virtual-only. Visit Ways to Attend for more information.

  • Will I receive my badge in the mail?

    No. All in-person attendees should pick up their registration credentials and tickets at the attendee registration area during on-site registration hours.

  • Will registration be required?

    All attendees and presenters are required to register to access technical sessions and events, virtual, in-person or hybrid.

  • Can I register onsite and what payment options are accepted?

    Payments can only be made via credit card. Cash or checks will not be accepted for onsite registration.

  • Can I change my registration type from hybrid to virtual only?

    Yes, you may modify/change your registration at any time without penalty. To modify your registration, contact the ACS Registration Call Center on Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (ET) at 508-743-0192 or email

  • Who can I contact if I am having registration, log in, or speaker management issues?

     Please contact Membership Services at: for assistance.

  • I live in Denver, and I have registered for a virtual presentation. If I want to go to the convention center to listen to other people talk, is that okay?

    You must be registered as an in-person attendee to access the in-person events in Denver.

Virtual Platform

  • How do I change my name or email address in the virtual platform?

    You'll need to change your contact information in your ACS ID account first, then log into the virtual platform to refresh your information. To change your name, you must contact please contact or call 800-333-9511 (614-447-3776). 

  • What will I use to log into the virtual platform for the meeting?

    You will use the same ACS ID and password you used to register for the meeting. If you have registered and have trouble logging in to the meeting, please contact: or call 800-333-9511 (614-447-3776) for immediate assistance.

  • What are the preferred browsers for the meeting platform?

     Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari

  • Will in-person sessions be broadcast online for virtual participants to view?

     Many, but not all, in-person sessions will be broadcast for virtual presenters and attendees to participate via the virtual platform. These sessions are denoted in the virtual platform as hybrid sessions.

  • How will questions be managed in a fully virtual session?

    Questions should be submitted via chat. The session presider will select questions from the chat to ask the presenter.

  • How will questions be managed in a hybrid session?

    For virtual attendees, questions should be submitted via zoom chat. The moderator will repeat the question verbally so in-person attendees can hear the question.

    For those attending the session in-person, there will be a microphone in each meeting room that they can step up to and ask their question verbally. Attendees should ask questions by raising their hands. The presider will then call upon attendees to ask their questions. 

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