Increase your visibility. Reach more readers. Expand the impact of your work.

SciMeetings is the official repository for all ACS Meetings and Expositions, and allows researchers like you to extend the longevity of your posters and presentations beyond the conference. 

If you're presenting at ACS Fall 2024, consider adding SciMeetings to your registration to receive the following benefits of the SciMeetings platform:

  • Receive a citable DOI for your poster or presentation, which can be added to your CV as recognition of your work
  • Gain a global audience for your poster or presentation
  • Prolong the lifespan of your poster or presentation, ensuring its availability beyond the meeting
  • Reach more readers, and expand the impact of your work with an open-access CC-BY-ND license
  • Boost your poster or presentation by adding additional supporting information alongside your abstract to showcase your work
  • Achieve easier discoverability of your work on SciFinder, Google Scholar, and ACS Publications

Once registration becomes available in May, you have the option to pay for file uploads to SciMeetings during the registration process. If you would like to add SciMeetings after completing your initial registration, you will be able to visit the Registration Resource Center to add it to your registration.

$90Basic and standard package members and non-members
$60Premium package members
$45Students with ACS Membership (any level)

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