ACS Branding Guidelines

Usage Agreement

Branding provided by ACS is intended for the use of ACS local sections, technical divisions, student affiliates, regional meeting planners, and anyone else, member or non-member, who has rightful reason to promote ACS programs, products, or services.

The ACS logo is a registered trademark of the Society, and its use is under the control of the ACS. Because of its trademarked status, maintaining the integrity of the logo is critical to the Society. Tampering with or misusing the logo could result in the ACS losing this logo as a trademark. Board Regulation lX, 2, "Use of SOCIETY Name and Insignia" is the official statement of this subject. Please note that any request for use of the ACS name and insignia by any non-ACS organization must be referred to the Board of Directors, the only body with authority to grant such permission.

Although the Society encourages sub-units of ACS to use the ACS logo, some rules for its use must be observed1:

  • The "new", right-facing logo should be used.
  • It cannot be modified or incorporated into another logo.
  • It cannot be cut apart or have any of its elements changed or rearranged.
  • It cannot touch another logo or be subordinate in size to it. The Society name and logo should never be used in circumstances that might be construed as an endorsement of a commercial product or service.

For Web Use

  • These images are in low resolution (72 dpi) format.
  • When you use the image in your own webpages, reference the copy of the image file you've downloaded.
  • Reference the location of the image on your server in the tag, not on the ACS server.
  • Don’t resize or cause the browsers to resize the graphics (by using a size other than actual in the size attribute in the html coding) as this will result in serious degradation of quality and performance. By putting the actual size, Netscape and other current WWW browsers instantly create a place holder eliminating the need to scan images to figure out the size, allowing pages to load quicker. In browsers that don't support this, it is simply ignored.
    Example: <IMG SRC="logo.gif" WIDTH = 524 HEIGHT=106>

ACS Icons - Provide icon buttons to link from your page to ACS Programs.

Any questions on the use of the ACS name and/or logo should be referred to the ACS Office of the Secretary at 202-872-4464.

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