ACS President: Albert B. Prescott (1832-1905)

Served as President: 1886

In his formative years he became an active worker in the anti-slavery cause

Rendered service as an army surgeon


  • M.D., 1864, University of Michigan, Medicine

Career Highlights:

Notable Accomplishments:

Member of Revision Committee of U.S. Pharmacopeia which devised assay methods for opium and cinchona and quantitative standards for medicinal chemicals.

Major Awards and Honors:

Service to Science:

Did You Know

. . . that he testified as an expert witness in poison cases?

. . . that while recovering from a severe fall at age 9, which kept him housebound, often confined to bed, for the next 5 years, he learned Latin, French, and German, and studied various branches of science?

Former ACS President Albert B. Prescott