ACS President: Arthur A. Noyes (1866-1936)

Served as President: 1904

Bridged the transition between the classical nineteenth century chemistry of Ostwald and the modern quantum chemistry and molecular biology of the twentieth century.

In 1895, Arthur A. Noyes began the Review of American Chemical Research, the forerunner of Chemical Abstracts (CA)


  • Ph.D., 1890, University of Leipzig, Chemistry

Career Highlights:

  • Professor, Chemistry, MIT, 1887-1888, 1890-1920
  • Director, Research Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, MIT,1903-1920
  • Acting President, MIT, 1907-1909
  • Director, Gates Chemical Laboratory, Caltech, 1920-1936

Notable Accomplishments:

He was a major influence on the educational philosophy and the core curriculum of Caltech.

Major Awards and Honors:

Service to Science:

Did You Know

. . . that with his boyhood friend Samuel Mulliken he carried on early chemical experiments in a backyard laboratory? Many an experiment gone awry was overlooked with tolerance by indulgent parents.

. . . that because of these experiments and studies made on his own he was admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a second year student in chemistry?

. . . that during World War I he was active in the Nitrate Division of the National Research Council?

Former ACS President Arthur A. Noyes