ACS President: Charles B. Dudley (1842-1909)

Served as President: 1896 and 1897

He was one of the first to embody a description of the methods of chemical analysis in specifications for materials

While working for the Pennsylvania Railroad, he became the head of the first chemistry lab within a railroad company


  • Ph.D., 1874, Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University

Career Highlights:

  • Chief chemist, Pennsylvania Railroad

Notable Accomplishments:

Major Awards and Honors:

Service to Science:

Did You Know

. . . that in 1862 he enlisted in the 114th Regiment, New York Volunteers, fought in several battles, and was shot and crippled for life at the battle of Winchester, VA, 1864?

. . . that he worked his way through school as a night editor on the New Haven Palladium?

Former ACS President Charles B. Dudley