ACS President: Charles E. Munroe (1849-1938)

Served as President: 1898

Inventor or smokeless powder and the Munroe filtering crucible

Appointed in 1900 by the Swedish Academy of Science to nominate the candidate for the Nobel Price in chemistry


  • Ph.D., 1894, Columbian University (now George Washington University)

Career Highlights:

Notable Accomplishments:

Organized the first general meeting of the American Chemical Society in Newport, RI, 1890

Major Awards and Honors:

Service to Science:

Did You Know

. . . that he was intensely patriotic which led to him offer his services to the government in 1898 and 1917?

. . . that he was the son-in-law of George F. Barker, ACS President, 1891?

Former ACS President Charles E. Munroe