ACS President: John W. Mallet (1832-1912 )

Served as President: 1882

He designed the first course on industrial chemistry offered in the US

When the Civil War broke out, he joined the Confederacy where he was appointed superintendent of Confederate States Ordinance Laboratory. One of his tasks was seeking substitutes for scarce minerals


  • Ph.D., 1852, University of Goettingen, Analytical Chemistry

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Service to Science:

  • One of the founders of ACS and one of the original six vice presidents in the initial organization of the Society

Did You Know

. . . that before age 21, he had listed all the earthquakes between 1606 B.C. and 1842 A.D.?

. . . that he was a toxicologist in criminal cases, an expert witness in commercial cases and a chemist for firms dealing in various products?

Former ACS President John W. Mallet