ACS President: Wilder D. Bancroft (1867-1953)

Served as President: 1910

Founded the Journal of Physical Chemistry so there would be a journal in this country that was appropriate for his and his students papers

Considered a pioneer American physical chemist


  • Ph. D., 1892, University of Leipzig

Career Highlights:

  • Instructor, chemistry, Harvard University, 1893 - 85
  • Professor, chemistry, Cornell University, professor, 1895 - 1937

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Research Interests: theory of contact catalysis, reversible coagulation in living tissue, chemistry of proteins
  • Wrote Applied Colloid Chemistry and Contact Catalysis
  • Performed pioneer work on emulsions

Major Awards and Honors:

Service to Science:

  • President, Electrochemical Society, 1905 & 1919

Did you know

. . . that one of his studies was on the cause of blue eyes and blue feathers?

. . . that during WWI he was a Lt. Colonel in the Chemical Warfare Service?