Cannabinoids: Stumbling Through Challenging Separations

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Cannabinoids are more interesting and more available today than ever before. As society changes its views on hemp and marijuana, analytical chemistry must provide the tools necessary to bring science to a complicated topic. Historically, the only cannabinoid of interest was THC, and that was done by GC. But today, we have dozens of cannabinoids all with potentially different psychoactive and medicinal properties. Several of those compounds are thermally labile, so GC is not the proper approach.

Join Lee Polite of Axion Analytical Labs during this free interactive broadcast as he explores the HPLC conditions necessary to separate the 7 most common cannabinoids.

What You Will Learn

  • The Fundamentals of HPLC and how they apply to cannabinoid analyses
  • How to modify the chromatographic conditions in order to improve future separations
  • Why grape Kool-Aid is purple!

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Meet the Experts  

Lee N. Polite
President and Founder, Axion Analytical Labs, Inc.

Bryan Tweedy
Senior Portfolio Manager, ACS Learning and Career Development, American Chemical Society