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Better Communication in the Digital Age: Learning to Love Brevity and Clarity

ACS Webinars

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Clarity, brevity, and editing improve communication. Learn how to create habits that embrace these ideas.

Join Mark Jones of Dow Chemical during this free interactive broadcast as he delves more deeply into effective communication. During this webinar he will touch on the great variety of types of communication that we all encounter commonly in life, teach the power of clarity, brevity, and editing well to produce better emails, reports, presentations and other communication. If you caught a few brevity errors in the prior sentence it was on purpose! Register now to discover advice for correcting these types of errors as well as make your work more concise and more impactful.

What You Will Learn

  • Accessible communication does not mean simplistic communication
  • Brevity is both appreciated and improves clarity
  • Self-editing is the surest way to improve clarity and attain brevity


Mark Jones 
Dow Chemical

Bryan Tweedy
American Chemical Society