Yes and! Improving Science Collaboration with Lessons from Improv

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One of the first things you learn as an actor when performing improv is to always say "yes." Much like playing catch, actors take turns offering and building on ideas until they develop a (hopefully) funny scene. Saying "no" stifles creativity and can ruin the momentum of a live performance. What can we as scientists learn from this dynamic to better collaborate on our own teams?

Join Matt Grandbois of DuPont Electronics & Industrial as he shares a framework for how to utilize collaboration to help you achieve your personal and professional goals by accepting and building off of the contributions of others. Register now to discover how this core principle of improvisational theatre can help you succeed in one of a chemist's most underrated professional skills!

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Annabelle Lolinco of Iowa State University and co-produced with the ACS Division of Professional Relations.


What You Will Learn

  • How to leverage the concepts of accepting and building to foster collaboration
  • Why improving professional empathy can build win-win scenarios
  • How collaboration can improve productivity and ingenuity


Meet the Experts

Matt Grandbois
Strategic Partnership Manager,
DuPont Electronics & Industrial

Annabelle Lolinco
Chemistry Graduate Student,
Iowa State University

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