Chemistry of Anti-Doping: Deterring of Performance-Enhancing Drug Use by Athletes

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It seems like every few months there is a new headline about an individual or group being investigated for sports doping. For all athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs there is a risk vs. reward mentality where the most important factor is the assurance of being detected and sanctioned. Join Larry Bowers of LDBowers, LLC as he shares the role that chemists play in the deterrence of performance-enhancing drugs. Discover more about the detection that is critical to the certainty of a positive test in the areas of analytical methodology, hematology, pharmacology, physiology, and toxicology.

What You Will Learn

  • The principles of perceptual deterrence
  • Endogenous and exogenous steroid metabolism and detection strategies
  • Detection of “performance-enhancing” peptides and proteins


The Fine Print

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Larry Bowers
LDBowers, LLC  

Jason Schaff
US Government

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