Advanced Pyrotechnics 2: Ignition, Sensitivity, and Analysis of Energetic Materials

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We’re getting closer to July and that means it’s time for fireworks. Join us as Chris Mocella returns to share what puts sparkle in the skies on the 4th of July. Learn about the pyrotechnic reactions that occur including testing techniques such as heat, spark, friction and impact. Tune in to ask your questions and prepare to be more informed this holiday. 

What You Will Learn

  • A review of the basics principles of pyrotechnics, fireworks, and energetic compositions, along with their effects
  • Principles of ignition and initiating pyrotechnic compositions
  • Principles of ignition sensitivity and sensitivity testing techniques, such as heat, spark, friction, and impact.
  • Common analytical techniques for pyrotechnic compositions, such as spectroscopy, luminosity, microscopy, and thermoanalysis

The Fine Print

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Chris Mocella
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Laboratories

Darren Griffin
University of Kent

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