Helium: An Irreplaceable Resource and Why We Must Conserve It

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Helium is one of our few non-renewable resources, and yet it is critical for many applications as an inert gas and as one of the coldest substances known. The unique properties of this “endangered element” make it vital to conduct low temperature experiments and make it critical for many applications such as MRI and NMR magnets. After experiencing supply shortages and rapid changes in its price, as a scientific community, we need to seize opportunities for its conservation and recycling. 

Join Sophia Hayes of Washington University and William Halperin of Northwestern University during this free interactive broadcast as they discuss why helium is such a valuable scientific commodity, the current supply challenges, and the potential conservation strategies.

What You Will Learn

  • What is special about helium, and why there is a concern about it being a limited resource
  • What is happening on the “front lines”—helium users’ experiences with supply challenges
  • What can we do together as a community—strategies in an era of helium shortages like conservation and helium collection or recycling


The Fine Print

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Meet the Experts

Sophia Hayes
Washington University

William Halperin
Northwestern University

Will Hartwig
American Chemical Society

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