Phase Separation of Multivalent Proteins—Recent Findings and New Frontiers

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Particles beneath a membrane

An area in molecular engineering that holds great promise is understanding the physical foundations of phase transitions, especially that of intrinsically disordered and ordered proteins. Phase separation is proving to be helpful and potentially transformative way of thinking about how cells organize molecular matter into membraneless territories and compartments. Key proteins and RNA molecules have emerged as drivers of phase separation in vitro and in cells.

Join Rohit Pappu, Edwin H. Murty Professor of Engineering and the Director of the Center for Biological Systems Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis as he discusses the emerging aspects of the molecular grammar of multivalent proteins, as embodied in a stickers-and-spacers framework. After this free interactive broadcast, you will better understand the driving forces and functional implications of phase separation.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Key concepts underlying the stickers-and-spacers model
  • Deriving sequence-encoded phase diagrams proteins with intrinsically disordered and ordered regions and domains
  • Generalizations to multicomponent systems

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