A New Strategy in Drug Discovery—Protac-Induced Protein Degradation

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The drug discovery journey is not only an expensive venture but often it can take a decade or more to deliver a medicine for widespread clinical use to a public in desperate need of treatment.

Ian Churcher of BenevolentBio suggests that perhaps we shouldn’t be looking for a “faster horse” but rather imagining and creating the “model T of the 21st century.” One such example is using artificial intelligence technology and novel approaches in targeted protein degradation, which has the potential to transform the way medicinal chemistry and drug discovery is carried out. Since 2015 the field of targeted protein degradation using drug-like “Protacs” has rapidly emerged and offers opportunities for novel pharmacological interventions in ways impossible to achieve with traditional small molecule inhibitors. The potential of the area is very significant but clinical studies using Protacs have not yet been reported and a range of questions remain before the true impact of the area can be assessed.

What You Will Learn

  • A background to the technology as well as highlighting potential opportunities of using the approach
  • Discussion on selection of targets most suited to a Protac approach
  • Future directions of the field including outstanding challenges 


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Meet the Experts

Ian Churcher

Aaron Balog
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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