Navigating Your Chemistry Career in a COVID-19 World

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In this new employment environment, you must become as flexible as possible. But how can you utilize the constraints of this COVID-19 situation to your advantage to promote yourself and expand upon your network?

Join Joe Martino, Career Consultant for the American Chemical Society, as he shares advice to position chemists in a forward-moving direction in this COVID-19 environment. During this free interactive broadcast, he will discuss language you have been hearing as well as decipher the virtual world. Finally, he will explore placing a structure in your at-home work environment to help navigate time spent during a stay-at-home order as well as ways to network – even at home.

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What You Will Learn 

  • What to look for in this fluid employment environment
  • Tips to ramp up your virtual efforts
  • Strategies for those furloughed or downsized due to COVID-19 issues

Additional Resources

  • Developing & Growing In Your Career - Workshops, webinars, skill-building activities and courses are designed to help you with personal evaluation and goal setting, as well as enhance your skills in a wide range of topics.
  • Finding & Landing a Job - Effective chemistry job and internship searches in academia and industry, combined with one-on-one mentoring and coaching, help you find the right opportunity.
  • Exploring Career OptionsIndividual skills assessment and career navigation roadmaps help you at every step of your personal career path. 
  • Finding Networking OpportunitiesNetwork with top chemists through in-person training, career consulting, career fair activities, local networking groups and more.

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