Meaningful and Concise Safety Summaries for ACS Publications

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Safe research is good research. Scientists have an ethical obligation to disseminate safety concerns to downstream users of their research. As the premier journals for disseminating chemical research, ACS Publications has enacted a new requirement specifying that authors address safety concerns in work submitted for publication in all American Chemical Society Journals.

Join Samuella Sigmann of Appalachian State University and the ACS Division of Chemical Health & Safety, Leah McEwen of Cornell University and the ACS Division of Chemical Information, and Sara Tenney of ACS Publications as they discuss the new chapter “Communicating Safety Information” from the 2020 ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication. During this free interactive recording, you will discover how to develop meaningful and concise safety summaries for manuscripts based on risk assessment.

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What You Will Learn:       

  • The purpose of safety summaries in publications
  • How to develop a safety summary built on risk assessment
  • Practical examples of safety summaries for publications
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Samuella Sigmann
Appalachian State University and ACS CHAS

Leah McEwen
Cornell University and ACS CINF

Sara Tenney
ACS Publications