Reshaping Chemical Lab Safety: Creating a Dynamic and Adaptive Safety Environment

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In the 21st century, chemistry research is more varied and expansive than ever before, the rules that keep one lab safe will not adequately address the possible risks in others. Rather than having a universal set of rules, a more adaptive system is needed for both academic and industry labs. Join Ralph Stuart, Chemical Hygiene Officer at Keene State College, and Samuella Sigmann, Senior Lecturer at Appalachian State University, as they propose a new way of thinking that builds a dynamic safety system based on your own needs and conditions as well as provides resources on how such programs can be developed.

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What You Will Learn

  • A 21st century strategic direction that you can implement to support laboratory chemical safety for both academics and industry
  • Recent documents that achieve a spiral approach to chemical safety education
  • Invaluable tools and resources for chemical safety planning in all lab environments

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The Fine Print

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Ralph Stuart
Keene State College

Samuella Sigmann
Appalachian State University

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