Breaking Bad: Discovering and Honing Soft Skills for Professional Growth

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You have fantastic technical skills as well as a strong chemistry background, so what is impeding your career growth? There are many essential social skills that are unfortunately not often included in college curricula that can assist you in becoming a prolific and proficient scientist.  

Join Fred Meadows, Senior Manager of Oil and Gas at Kemira during this free interactive broadcast as he discusses the soft skills that are not usually emphasized in scientific curricula and that are important for professional growth no matter your specific field of study.

What You Will Learn

  • How blind spots like non-verbal communication can impact perception and performance
  • How efficient communication tools like email, texting, and instant messaging may or may not be the most effective for the task at hand
  • Strategies to proactively discover and hone the right soft skills for current and future roles

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Fred Meadows

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