Sustainability Challenges of the Textiles, Dyeing and Finishing Industries: Opportunities for Innovation

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What new fibres and what novel dyeing and finishing techniques will the future hold? The field of chemical processing of textiles, which includes dyeing and finishing, is constantly evolving, with the primary objectives being to improve aesthetic and functional properties of textiles. Join Richard Blackburn from the University of Leeds as he discusses the techniques being scrutinized so that textiles become more efficient from the technical, economic and ecological perspective.

What You Will Learn

  • Why the ability for critical thinking is required for new developments in the area of textile dyeing
  • What basic chemistry concepts are used in textile chemistry like dyeing and finishing, different dye-fibre systems, and the major commercial processes
  • What concepts of sustainability are used in the textile chemistry and how they are applied in dyeing and finishing
  • What are the strategic thinking and necessary skills for doing research in textile coloration and finishing fields

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Richard Blackburn
University of Leeds 

Joe Fortunak 
Howard University

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