How You Can Improve Global Public Health

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Across the globe, millions of people are at an increased risk of illness or death due to poor quality control for medicines, dietary supplements, and foods. A strong set of standards and guidelines is needed to ensure their consistent quality.

The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) establishes quality standards and sets the bar for scientific rigor and technological progress, and they are looking for your assistance. Input from USP's Expert Volunteers is crucial for preserving public trust and maintaining these high standards because they are in a continuous process of review and revision based upon new evidence, emerging public health concerns, and public requests for revision.

During this free interactive recording, current Expert Volunteers and staff at USP will share their experiences and detail the opportunities it has provided them to contribute to innovation in healthcare while supporting safe medications and advancing their own professional development.

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What You Will Learn

  • Learn how the U.S. Pharmacopeia’s mission makes it possible for 2 billion people around the world to have access to quality medicines, dietary supplements, and foods
  • Discover how USP volunteers contribute to improving the quality of global public health
  • Identify ways your practical experience can empower a healthy tomorrow through working with USP



Additional Resources

  • USP Call for Candidates—volunteers from a wide range of scientific, academic, and professional backgrounds are welcome to apply.
  • Volunteering at USP—LinkedIn page for opportunities for professionals in the pharmaceutical and foods industries.

Meet the Experts

Kim Huynh-Ba
U.S. Pharmacopeia

Amjad Anwari
U.S. Pharmacopeia

Nicole Palmer
U.S. Pharmacopeia

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