Career Pathways

ACS membership includes access to Career Pathways, a program dedicated to helping budding chemists navigate their careers. There are four main career pathways available to chemical professionals: Industry, Higher Education, Government, and Working for Yourself.

Career Pathways helps you discover the right choice for you and guides you through the application process that is unique to each Pathway.

Getting Started (Members Only)

Self-assessments, job search tools, networking advice, and more to help you determine which Career Pathway is right for you.


The Career Pathways

Explore career opportunities available in the each of the four Pathways. Find advice on how best to position yourself to enter these fields, as well as tips for assembling job applications tailored to each individual field.

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Industry (Members Only)

Special attention to jobs outside a traditional lab setting.

Higher Education (Members Only)

Focus on tertiary education, but includes all types of higher education institutions.

Government (Members Only)

Focus on jobs with the federal government; touches on jobs in the non-for-profit sector.

Working for Yourself (Members Only)

For chemists wanting to start companies, including consulting businesses.

Next Steps

Acing the Interview (Members Only)

Includes resources for job seekers who are preparing for a job interview.

Managing Your Career (Members Only)

Protocol for evaluating and accepting a job offer; guidelines for thinking about career management as a life-long enterprise.

Career Workshops

The Career Pathways program includes workshops offered in conjunction with ACS National Meetings. Attend workshops in-person or online to delve further into your field of interest and conduct a personalized assessment of your skills and abilities.

Virtual Classrooms

Register for complimentary online Virtual Classrooms, where you'll learn from skilled experts who can help you achieve your career goals and get the boost you need to succeed.