4-hour Facilitated Course

Coaching & Feedback

January 21, 2023

Atlanta, GA                                                                 




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Workshop Description

Even the best and most experienced coaches find it is challenging to help others achieve their full potential. Whether it is helping novice employees or volunteers become more effective, or helping highly trained employees reach a “stretch” goal, a good coach needs empathy, inventiveness, and skill. A good coach has a “coaching mindset” that sees the coaching role as central to leading the team. It helps to have a proven process and good tools to ensure high performance, set good goals, and give feedback. Without skilled coaching, your team is likely to suffer from missed deadlines, frustrated members, and unmet goals and expectations.

Leading volunteers, team members, and employees to achieve objectives requires leaders who know how to coach each person to their highest potential. While some may think “It’s simple, just give them feedback…” coaching and giving feedback effectively requires a process that works, and useful tools. “Winging it” won’t produce the outcome you are seeking and will result in lost time, low morale, low productivity and difficulty retaining employees and volunteers.

This hands-on, four-hour course will provide you with a proven process and practical tools to help coach team members, project groups, employees, and volunteers more regularly and effectively. As a participant, you will work on real coaching opportunities to help you practice addressing the development and performance issues you have identified.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain an understanding of what coaching is, why it is important, and why we don’t coach more often.
  • Learn the differences between coaching in a volunteer organization and coaching in an academic or industrial setting.
  • Learn a proven 3-step process for coaching.
  • Gain real-life practice and advice on a genuine coaching opportunity that will be addressed during the course.

Coaching effectively is a key skill that will help you increase performance, expand the skills of your team, improve relationships and morale, encourage creativity, and promote achievement and action among the team.

Who Should Attend This Course?

The Coaching and Feedback course is for individuals who are developing their leadership skills, have some experience in leadership roles and are seeking to increase their success and effectiveness in their leadership assignments. We encourage those who are currently leading or who are planning to lead a new project and need assistance in gaining the most from team members, project groups and volunteers to attend this course. You’ll gain skills that are highly transferable in coaching your staff or team members in your professional role.