4-hour Facilitated Course

Engaging & Motivating Volunteers

January 21, 2023

Atlanta, GA

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Registration Opens November 2022

Workshop Description

So, you have been elected to chair a committee, lead a local section or division, or direct a key project. Now the challenge lies in engaging members to volunteer to help with the activities, but where do you begin? Have you considered the best way to engage volunteers, have you considered….

  • How to ask others to step up and volunteer?
  • How to delegate and share responsibility for the project?
  • How to keep projects moving forward?

One of the greatest challenges facing a volunteer leader is recruiting and engaging volunteers to help accomplish the project/team/committee goals. What’s more, is that a good leader recognizes that engaging volunteers is more involved than signing people up to work on a project. It requires leaders to understand what help is needed, what skills and talents are required to accomplish the project and what form of motivation will truly excite the volunteer to commit to the project. 
This hands-on, four-hour course will provide ACS leaders with practical tools they need to engage a volunteer in a way that makes the assignment successful and professionally rewarding, so the volunteer will be inclined to participate in future, more ambitious assignments.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, a member will be able to:

  • Outline the scope of responsibilities for an assignment so the leader can create a ‘spec’ for the volunteer position needed.
  • Recruit the right volunteer with the right skills to match the task at hand.
  • Describe your expectations and resources available to the volunteer to complete the assignment.
  • Motivate the volunteer to keep them involved, excited, and their contribution level high.
  • Measure progress during the course of the assignment and keep the project moving forward.

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is designed for emerging leaders in the Society. Engaging and Motivating Volunteers is for those members who are new to leadership roles and need additional guidance in making early leadership assignments successful. We encourage those who are currently leading or who are planning to lead a new project and need assistance in gaining volunteer support to participate in this course. You’ll gain skills that are highly transferable in managing projects and leading teams in your professional role.