4-hour Facilitated Course

Leading Change

January 21, 2023

Atlanta, GA                                                                   

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Registration Opens November 2022

Workshop Description

In today’s world, change is a given, whether in the workplace, the lab, at school, or within ACS. Regardless of your specific responsibilities, knowing how to manage change and lead others to stay focused, productive and future-oriented is essential to being a successful leader. If you are able to manage change skillfully, you will be prepared to respond to change more rapidly, and be agile in a time where change is happening at record pace.

If you are involved in shifting team priorities, changing the direction of a project, or reconfiguring teams, understanding how people react to change and how to help yourself and others effectively deal with the changes is a key to increasing your professional success.

What You Will Learn

Do you know how to respond to these common reactions to change?

  • Pushing back when a team’s goals are shifted
  • Projects stalling because of a change in direction
  • Confusion and ineffective communication due to personnel changes on a committee or project team

These and other problems can negatively impact the success of a group or project. It requires you to help others move through change by meeting reality head-on, connecting with the new vision, planning a new approach, and engaging others to join you in moving the project forward.

This four-hour course provides you with a step-wise process to lead change and guide others more effectively through the change process.

You will gain a skill that can be used daily on the job, at school, and  in projects as well as volunteer leadership roles. Specifically, learn:

  • Why we resist change.
  • A 3-step process for leading change in a team or work group.
  • How to maintain a clear vision and instill a strong sense of direction and purpose in everyone involved.
  • How to keep everyone on-track, focused on top priorities, and moving forward.
  • How best to communicate new insights into key issues, problems, and opportunities the group faces.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Everyone can use the skills taught in this interactive workshop. If you are involved in projects that continually change—or are soon to face changes—in direction, member involvement, and objectives, you will find this workshop valuable. If you are leading projects such as change initiatives, projects requiring working with other groups, or new initiatives that will likely experience changes in the course of completion, plan to attend this program. Leading Change provides practical tools and an approach that you can apply immediately in your work, school projects, and leadership roles.