4-hour Facilitated Course

Leading Without Authority

 January 21, 2023

Atlanta, GA

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Workshop Description

Whether you are in a formal leadership position or you take on an informal leadership role for a project or team, you likely need to direct others who don’t report to you. The challenges are many, including:

  • Influencing people who have different styles or views.
  • Getting a group organized and committed even when they aren’t cooperating and putting up barriers.
  • Kicking off a new project and gaining support when there isn’t initial buy in and commitment.
  • Enlisting support and involvement when everyone is too busy with other professional and personal obligations.

Whether in a lab, the office, the classroom, or on a volunteer committee, you will likely find yourself leading others without formal or “positional” authority and need to be able to influence them to accomplish the project. This 4-hour interactive workshop provides practical tools to help you gain cooperation and engage others in the accomplishing project and team goals.

What You Will Learn

  • Know when “influencing skills” are needed, when they’re not, and when they will and won’t be effective.
  • Learn how to apply the two dimensions of influence: the “business” side and the “relationship” side.
  • Gain an understanding of what really counts for the people you want to engage, and strategies you can use to help them get what they want from their involvement.
  • Learn how to establish and build a relationship of trust with someone whose help you need.

Who Should Attend This Course?

In today’s environment of shrinking hierarchies and increased reliance on individual contributors and teams, the skills in this workshop are valuable to all members, whether you are in a formal leadership position or not. Members and non-members will be able to use these skills immediately in their work and school environments to better direct and manage  projects, teams, committees. 

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