4-hour Facilitated Course

The Science of Managing Inclusive and Diverse Teams

January 21, 2023

Atlanta, GA                                               

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Workshop Description

This course identifies and explores the social and human characteristics that highly effective chemistry professionals bring to managing inclusive and effective teams. This workshop includes activities and reflections that are designed to enhance the participant’s experience.

The Science of Managing Inclusive and Diverse Teams provides evidence-based guidance and structure to chemistry professionals so they can create and maintain a diverse, equitable, inclusive and respectful workplace.

What You Will Learn

Using activities, case scenarios and simulations, participants will:

  • Become familiar with common identity types that scientific and census protocols use to analyze groups of people.
  • Apply Tuckman’s model for the “Stages of Team Development” to our past, current and future teams.
  • Differentiate between various social identity models as it pertains to the individual.
  • Practice and apply an empathy model to remove barriers to professional success based on intersectional social identity models

Who Should Attend This Course?

Professionals in the chemical sciences who manage teams.