Managing Projects Effectively



Workshop Description

How many times have you been involved in a project where:

  • The goals were unclear and efforts weren’t focused
  • Critical timelines weren’t met
  • Budgets were over spent
  • The right people with key skills and knowledge weren’t on the project team
  • And in the end, the project result didn’t accomplish the need.

This can be frustrating and costly for those involved in the project as well as the organization. With the increasing complexity of business today and the increasing number of projects, the ability to manage projects effectively is a must.

Managing Projects Effectively, an online, self-paced course examines the “task side” of project management. Members will learn a practical 5-step process that will help them manage each project successfully.

What You Will Learn

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Define a realistic project scope
  • Establish goals that clearly communicate what needs to be accomplished
  • Identify the appropriate people and funding resources required
  • Develop a plan of action that involves all members of the project team
  • Track progress and adjust the project plan as needed

Successful projects don’t happen on their own, they require a skilled leader to set clear goals and ensure they are met. Managing Projects Effectively will help you improve your ability to lead projects to completion – on time, within budget, optimizing your resources, and achieving your goals. As a leader, you will gain practical skills that you can immediately apply to your work environment and your leadership role in the Society.

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is designed for emerging leaders in the Society. Managing Projects Effectively online interactive course can be taken at your convenience, when and where you like to learn. It is specifically valuable to those members who are new to leadership roles within the Society.

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