Succession Planning



Workshop Description

Have you ever stopped to wonder…

  • Who will lead the local section in the future?
  • Or how many current division leaders will still be there in the next 5 years?
  • Or where will the talent for leading the key committees come from?

Succession planning is rarely given the attention that other leadership requirements receive. Yet, the truth is, promoting the wrong person for a key leadership role can result in a very costly mistake. In volunteer organizations such as the ACS, it is even more vital to have a highly effective succession planning process because leadership turnover is more frequent and identifying and developing new leaders can be more of a challenge.

Done effectively, succession planning preserves your legacy as a leader and ensures that your accumulated knowledge and experience is not lost. It also lays the foundation for smooth leadership transitions ensuring productivity remains high during changes in leadership. This is why ACS has a tradition of having past, present and future Presidents working together and why ACS believes that succession planning is just as critical for all leadership roles in the Society - - at local sections, divisions, regions, and committees levels.

What You Will Learn

In this 4-hour course, you will learn practical, straightforward ways to build your leadership pipeline. Leaders will gain skills critical to ensuring the success of their section, division, region or committee in the future as they have passed the baton.

Specifically, ACS leaders will learn:

  • The importance of succession planning, particularly in a volunteer organization.
  • How to define the requirements for the next leader and identify potential successors.
  • To create a personal development plan to groom the candidate for the new leadership role.
  • Create a succession plan for the leadership role you currently hold

Leaders will have an opportunity in the course to create their own succession plans for the roles they currently hold and as they prepare for a new role in the Society. Leaders will see how without a plan it is nearly impossible to develop an effective strategy to ensure leadership continuity in the coming years.

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is designed for members who currently hold or are preparing for senior leadership positions in local sections, national committees, divisions, regions or on the Board of Directors.

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