Adam Myers

Adam Myers

Senior Project Manager, Research, Development, & Innovation

Evonik Tippecanoe Labs


B.S., honors chemistry/biochemistry, Purdue University

Ph.D., synthetic organic chemistry, Purdue University


I've spent my professional career working to impact human health in industry. I am currently a Senior Project Manager in Research, Development, & Innovation at Evonik Tippecanoe Labs, with a focus on helping clients manufacture life-saving pharmaceuticals. I have extensive experience in the contract research, development, and manufacturing space, with a wide range of pharmaceutical experience ranging from synthesis to contract analytical (cGMP and GLP), with a focus on complex project management and in vitro comparative analysis (bioequivalence, dissolution, diffusion, volatilization, and solubility). I've had the chance in my career to serve as an expert witness in pharmaceutical patent litigation, from deposition to trial. I also worked in the medical device space, as well as having interned at a large pharma company while in school.

I got my B.S. in honors chemistry/biochemistry from Purdue University, then continued on there to earn my Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry. While I was an undergraduate, I started my engagement with the American Chemical Society, first with my student chapter. In the course of my ACS service, I have been chair of my local section, through the chair succession of a division, served on the national YCC, am a current member of the national Committee on Science, and have been an organizer and speaker for multiple national symposia. One of my favorite areas of service to the ACS is being a career consultant and career pathways workshop presenter. I am very passionate about helping people find their place in the chemical profession. 

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