Allen Jones

Allen Jones


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Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, SUNY-Buffalo

I earned a Ph.D. from SUNY-Buffalo in Medicinal Chemistry. I started my career as a researcher in Nuclear Medicine with the Veterans Administration, then spent the bulk of my career was as an Analytical Chemist and Director in the pharmaceutical industry as part of Drug Metabolism, where I managed a group of up to 8 individuals. Later, I was involved in Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology. I have also worked as an Analytical Chemist for a start-up CRO, and for another start-up developing a novel catalytic method for turning carbon dioxide into useful products. Currently I am a director for a STEM start-up that has partnered with a large urban school district to introduce underserved middle and high school students to the STEM fields using six state of the art professionally equipped laboratories, utilizing instrumentation such as UHPLC, MS, GC, and ICP. Recently, this has involved a heavy dose of remote science demonstration and instruction. I have been an Adjunct Professor in Chemistry at Rowan University, and am currently an Adjunct Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at Rutgers University. As a fun note, I used to do ski mountaineering (until everything went downhill), and am an avid photographer with several shows to my credit.

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