Ayan Datta

Ayan Datta


Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Kolkata, West Bengal


B.S., Ramakrishna Mission, Rahara, Calcutta University

Ph.D., JNCASR, Bangalore

With more than 15 years of experience in academic research, teaching, and mentoring Masters' and Ph.D. students I can provide insights into new emerging career options in research, academia, and industry. I have done a PhD from JNCASR, India on computational chemistry and materials and have postdoctoral research experience from the University of North Texas. As an independent research PI, I have studied structure and electronic properties of low-dimensional materials for energy storage and catalysis and optical properties of organic molecules for Singlet Fission. I currently serve in the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Physical Chemistry. I have been awarded the BM Birla Prize in Chemistry in 2017 and CRSI Broze Medal in 2022.

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