Ganiyat Oloyede

Ganiyat Oloyede

Ganiyat Oloyede

Associate Professor, University Of Ibadan Nigeria

CEO, G.K.O. Global Resources Ltd


B.S., Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Ngeria

M.S., Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Ngeria

Ph.D, Pharmacy, University of Ibadan, Ngeria

I am Dr Ganiyat K. OLOYEDE, an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I obtained B.Sc (Chemistry-1992), M.Sc (Pharmaceutical Chemistry-1997), Ph.D (Pharmacy-2005), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (2015) and other professional certificates such as Certificate in Conflict Analysis, UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, United States DOT General Awareness of Hazardous Materials, Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene, Human Health-Diet and Nutrition, Fire Safety, Research Writing in Sciences, Achieving Sustainable Development Goals  on Water and Sanitation amongst others to enhance my skills. I have been practicing professionally for 30 years working as a Senior Education officer at Ministry of Education, Chief Scientific Officer/Acting Assistant Director at Ministry of Health and presently, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry. I am the founder/CEO of G.K.O. Global Resources Ltd with subsidiaries GKO Pharma, GKO Foods and GKO Publishers. I am a recipient of many awards, fellowships and member of many professional bodies. In my professional career as a Scientist in STEMM, my NGO, GKO Career in STEMM and Women Empowerment Initiative, encourages youths especially girls to engage with and choose career in STEMM through sensitization talks, festivals, hands-on experiments and training. I have organized and attended many workshops, conferences and delivered papers in different fields ranging from education, gender inclusiveness, food and natural product chemistry research locally and internationally.