Jim Murray

Professor of Organic Chemistry

Immaculata University



I am a Ph.D. organic chemist that has 20 years of academic experience. I took a rather broad path to my current career. I started my college career as a chemical engineering major and totally despised it. I worked for both Rohm and Haas and Glaxo Smith Kline when I was in college and these experiences convinced me to switch my major to chemistry and it was the best move that I ever made. In my academic career I have maintained a small research group in chemical education and medicinal chemistry. I really enjoy the challenges and opportunities of teaching at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution and working with undergraduates. I am an academic chemist, but one that has some industrial experience. I see this as a strength since it allows me to work more directly with undergraduate students since I have been there and know what that world/experience is like. I also have significant experience with ACS. I got involved through my Local Section and served as both a Councilor and as Chair. This experience allows me to demonstrate to students the importance of professional organizations and how your involvement can lead to experiences that might only have seemed distant. I enjoy working with the students who will be the future leaders of my chosen profession.

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